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Who is Corporate Barter Network?

  • Corporate Barter Network is a Business to Business Trade Exchange that brings new business to your door and conserves cash for your company. Money back guarantee.

  • We the ONLY barter company which offers our clients access to the two largest independent trade systems in the world. With over 50,000 clients nationwide you can trade for almost anything!

  • Our trained trade brokers promote you via Daily Broker Calls, Daily E-mails or Faxes, Online Directory, Printed Directory and Mixers.


Corporate Barter Network is a full service barter company providing an ever growing list of products and services to trade to our membership partners. Corporate Barter Network offers members a 24 hour online access to active trading partners to fulfill bartering needs as well as highly trained brokers to assist in finding exactly what you need.

Please give us a call at 888-372-1600 and let us help you and your business reach optimum potential!

Corporate Barter Network is part of the largest business to business trading networks in the world. Corporate Barter Network currently has access to over 50,000 trade members nationwide. Clients are both local national organizations including many recognizable names. Industries include media, travel and entertainment, health care, general business products and services.

Corporate Barter Network began in 1991 as Corporate Investment Barter Exchange. It was organized as a local independent trade exchange and grew to several hundred members. In May of 2004 Corporate Barter Network was formed to take advantage of new barter opportunities within the trade industry. Corporate Barter Network clients now have access to thousands of products and services throughout the world via the two largest trading platforms in the barter industry with over 50,000 combined trading members. In addition, Corporate Barter Network is a proud member of the International Reciprocal Trade Association, IRTA, with access to a worldwide trading platform with over 250,000 trading members.

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Barter Builds Businesses

Today's businesses need an advantage, especially businesses under 10 million dollars in revenue a year. Corporate Barter Network is your competitive edge.
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Think Bigger.
Think Barter.

Barter is more than just alternative currency. You can also use barter to gain more clients, increase profits and conserve cash.
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Barter Dollars Makes Money & Sense

Barter provides access to business goods & services you normally wouldn't have, giving you unlimited barter currency access worldwide.
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