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How does Corporate Barter Network market your business?

  1. Trade Brokers: Our trade brokers phone member businesses that regularly purchase your products or services and facilitate an introduction. Our brokers become part of your sales force.
  2. Monthly Newsletters: We place your ads in our monthly newsletters - free of charge. Newsletters are direct mailed to thousands of businesses.
  3. Daily Emails: We send daily emails where we sell your products and promote your services.
  4. Free Listing: We provide a free listing in our membership directory.
  5. Trade Shows: We produce trade shows for member businesses where they can display what their company has to offer.
  6. Informal Meetups: We host informal gatherings where members can Network.
  7. Exposure: We provide regional and national exposure to businesses looking to expand their horizons. We do this through "Do Barter" and "Universal Currency" which is nationwide.

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Barter Builds Business! Keep your business busy and connect with potential clients.


Think Bigger! Think Barter!
The Corporate Barter Network
is a local company with
international connections.
Barter locally and

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Barter Dollars Makes Money & Sense!
Barter provides you with options
to purchase in a worldwide network.

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